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Elliot Eakin's designs are about more than just furniture. They embody the belief that beautiful furniture can—and should—still be practical, elegant, and approachable. Founded in 2013, Elliot Eakin Furniture makes its mark on the design world by creating unique accent pieces, heightened with renewed classical elements. Conceived for wide appeal in the high-end market, these pieces offer the ideal balance of unparalleled design and a flexibility only customized pieces can provide—giving interior designers an exciting new source to meet client demands and satisfy discerning tastes. It begins with a fresh perspective from an experienced eye, and it's what makes Elliot Eakin a unique, exciting talent in today’s design landscape.

Elliot Eakin Furniture is designed and made exclusively in Chicago—with good reason. Chicago embodies ambition and creativity. It’s the home of the first skyscrapers, a hotbed of modern architecture and design, bearing the indelible marks of uncompromising visionaries from Frank Lloyd Wright to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Building furniture here means drawing on an industrial legacy that includes some of the most storied names in the design world, companies that have staked their reputation on uncompromising quality for more than a century. It also means working with the best craftsmen around, hardworking Midwesterners who know their trade inside and out. Whether it’s metal casting, fabricating, upholstery, or woodworking, you can always count on a beautiful, heirloom-quality result. That’s why Elliot Eakin Furniture is proud to call Chicago home, where our vision is better realized than anywhere else.

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